• The close integration
    of our R&D activities with the development of our industrial scale plant has many operational advantages, ensuring optimal performance and increased production.

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  • Game-changing,
    unique, patented extraction process for high-purity titanium dioxide (TiO2) production.

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  • Argex Titanium
    Innovative chemical process for the production of Titanium Dioxide (TiO2).

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  • With a primary goal
    of advancing rapidly towards production, Argex Titanium has adopted a simple and low risk strategy for the scale-up of its proprietary chemical process that allows it to produce high purity TiO2.

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2012/10/22 - Argex Titanium secures supply deals for almost entire capacity of initial titanium dioxide production with worlds biggest customers - Proactive Investors
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2013/10/08 - Argex Titanium moves seamlessly ahead with feasibility study results for industrial-sized plant - Proactive investors
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2013/04/09 - Argex Titane souhaite investir 300 M$ dans une usine - TVA Nouvelles
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