Argex Summary

Argex is a Canadian low-cost emerging producer of high-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment. The company has developed an innovative chloride-based technology, which is amongst the most environmentally sustainable in the industry. The white pigment produced by Argex is to be used in high-quality paints, first, and eventually in plastics, specialty and other applications.

Argex process allows to produce TiO2 at a significantly lower cost than competitors:

  • due to the process using lower temperature and pressure, thus reducing energy consumption
  • thanks to flexible use of raw materials sources
  • by the sale of ultra-pure FeCl3 by-product as well as of inert wastes to be used as landfill

The shares of Argex Titanium trade under the stock symbol RGX on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Proprietary Process
Our proprietary extraction process for pigment grade TiO2 production allows us to capture the entire supply chain in one process. We uniquely convert low cost ilmenite into high- grade TiO2 that meets the exacting requirements of the paint and coatings industry. Our low cost/high purity process provides a new and cost competitive source of high quality TiO2 for our customers.

Economic Growth Potential
The demand for TiO2 is expected to grow from 6.2 MM metric tonnes/year in 2016 to 8.8 metric tonnes tonnes/year in 2025, representing more than 40% increase in a decade.

Recent milestones and next steps
• Mazen Alnaimi invests in Argex and becomes Chairman and CEO, joined by Carroll Moore as COO in July 2016
• Several initiatives to improve the financial situation of the company in 2016 and 2017
• Product completion announced in October 2017
• External Lab Validation for Optical tests on November 27, 2017

Next steps
• Basic engineering for the construction of the Technnology Center to be completed
• Construction of the Technology Center in 2018, pending financing
• Financing for the first train commercial plant (30,000 tonnes/year) in 2018
• Construction of the commercial plant in 2019
• Beginning of commercial production in 2020