Other Assets

Other assetsArgex Titanium Inc. began as a junior mining exploration company. Argex currently owns three properties, La Blache, Lac Brûle & Mouchalagane, which are all located in Quebec, Canada. Today, Argex is focused on its advanced chemical process for the production of titanium dioxide (TiO2). All of our properties, currently located in Quebec, Canada, have access to main and forestry roads, power lines, deep sea ports, skilled labour and rail lines.

La Blache

Argex Titanium benefits from 100% ownership of the TiO2 La Blache property, located in the Manicouagan region in the Province of Quebec. Covering three massive titaniferous magnetite lenses named Hervieux West, Hervieux East and Lac Schmoo, it contains significant iron (Fe), titanium (Ti) and vanadium (V) mineralization.

Most of the value at the La Blache deposit is in the TiO2. Based on Argex’s research, the TiO2 market is presently characterized by increasing demand, but not increasing supply. 


Acquired in 2009, the Mouchalagane iron ore property is located 275 km northwest of the deepwater port of Baie-Comeau, on the north shore of the St-Lawrence river. It is composed of one block of 441 claims covering 235 km² with numerous iron formations, hosted in the Wabush geological formation of the southern Labrador Trough. Historical drilling in five areas on the property confirmed the presence of several economic grade iron deposits up to a hundred meters in thickness.

In October 2012, Argex completed the first commercial GRYPHON™ Multi-Parameter Airborne Platform survey over the Mouchalagane property. The main objective of the geophysical survey was to cover the entire property with airborne gravity data in order to complement the current geophysical information of the project. In addition to the survey, Fugro and Argex entered into a technical collaboration agreement where the Mouchalagane survey will be processed by Fugro to provide advanced multi-parameter results. As part of the agreement, Fugro will use the Mouchalagane survey as a case study for large scale iron ore exploration projects for its marketing strategy of the GRYPHON™ Multi-Parameter Platform capabilities.


Lac Brûlé

Argex Titanium’s Lac Brûlé Property covers part of the Labrieville anorthosite complex which hosts known magmatic iron oxide deposits strongly mineralized in titanium. Historical exploration work completed on the property in the 50's and 70's outlined three massive ilmenite lenses. An internal study completed in 2005 following definition drilling completed on Lens A and Lens B reported a historical mineral resource estimate totaling 3.8 million tonnes and having an average grade of 30.1% titanium dioxide (TiO2). A qualified person has not done sufficient work to classify the historical estimate as current mineral resources or mineral reserves and Argex is not treating the historical estimate as current mineral resources or mineral reserves.

In April 2012 Argex announced the successful completion of preliminary testing of the Lac Brûlé massive mineralization using the patented CTL process. The testing demonstrated improved leaching results than the ones obtained using the La Blache massive mineralization. In addition, Argex completed a high-resolution airborne geophysical survey covering the main area of the Lac Brûlé property, including the acquired claim block from Quinto Mining Corporation, which strongly complements our La Blache deposits with the potential contribution of higher grade TiO2 mineralization.