Our Company

077A2587-2Argex is a Canadian low-cost emerging producer of high-grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) pigment. The company has developed an innovative chloride-based technology, which is amongst the most environmentally sustainable in the industry. The white pigment produced by Argex is to be initially used in high-quality paints, and eventually in plastics, specialty and other applications.

Argex’s process stands apart from legacy production methods with two major innovations. First, our flexibility in using different grades of titanium ore feedstock, keeping the company from being dependent on a few specific sources. Second, our process is operated at mild temperature and pressure compared to competitors, thus reducing energy consumption and costs.

Consequently, our process will allow us to produce TiO2 at a significantly lower cost than the industry. In addition, the sale of ultra-pure FeCl3 by-product as well as of inert wastes to be used as landfill will allow to generate revenues.

Argex’s objective is to progressively start to produce TiO2 in 2018 (pending financing), with the construction of a Technology Center that will allow to provide samples to potential clients. Commercial production should start in 2020, also pending financing. This plant should, at term, produce 90,000 tonnes per year of TiO2. In addition to volume production, the Corporation’s business plan includes the licensing of its proprietary technology to existing and new producers.