Cropped Sustainability

Ensuring sustainability is a corporate value at Argex. It is an integral part of the way we do business and an essential element of our strategy to build a strong company and deliver value to shareholders over the long-term.

We believe that being sustainable means managing and optimizing our operating practices from start to finish. Committed to communicating our objectives and progress to all our stakeholders, we continuously strive to improve our competitiveness and become a global leader in the supply of commodities such as titanium dioxide.

Argex’s Proprietary Processing Technology is environmentally friendly due to its high energy efficiency, low emissions and its closed-loop design which uses relatively low levels of hydrochloric acid. The process produces ultra pure ferric chloride for sale to the water treatment industry as well as minimal waste and reuse process materials as by-products for different applications. All wastes, tailings and outputs are treated, recycled, regenerated or sold. Neutralized solid tailings are reused as by-products for different applications, namely as landfills.

Our products embrace sustainable practices that protect and maintain the surfaces of buildings and structures such as ships, planes, and automobiles. Paints and coatings derived from Argex Titanium's TiO2 provide energy efficiency and sustainable surface treatments.

Our approach is focused on improving performance in areas such as legislative and standards compliance, as well as managing health, safety and environmental responsibilities including:  process safety, occupational health and safety, product stewardship, transportation and distribution, and community responsibilities.