An Innovative Process

Argex Titanium has developed a proprietary process that allows for the production of high purity pigment grade titanium dioxide (TiO2) product. Argex targets in priority the painting industry. However, TiO2 is also used in plastics, coatings, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

 The proprietary process is unique because of its ability to produce high purity TiO2 through a single process directly from the ore material. The innovation of the process lies in how known and proven equipment is used in combination with chemistry and metallurgy performed in the right sequence.

5 key distinctive features

Low temperature/pressure process
• Argex’s process performs at milder temperature and pressure than competitors. It uses less water, energy and heat, thus reducing energy consumption and costs.
• This provides significant technical and economic advantages such as less complexity as well as lower operational costs.

Feedstock Flexibility
• Argex’s technology uses different grades of titanium or feedstock as well as Ti-rich slags and is not dependent on a few specific sources.
• The company can use a mixture of raw materials, providing long-term benefits with respect to price variations in market and saleable by-products.
• The process is adaptable to raw material fluctuations (i.e. due to characteristics changes or different sourcing) while maintaining production stability

High-quality product
• Argex’s high quality product provides for a wide variety of applications, from multi-purpose paint products to plastics, and to high quality and specialty purposes (cosmetics and ultrafine).
• Color, morphology, brightness and opacity of Argex’s TiO2 product meets or exceeds those of industry leaders.

• The technology produces environmentally friendly by-products (no hazardous or toxic wastes), by using the appropriate raw material.
• In addition, the process produces intermediate products that are marketable to other users of titanium dioxide plants.

Sustainable waste management
• The process produces minimal waste and reuse process materials as by-products for different applications.
• All wastes, tailings and outputs are treated, recycled, regenerated or sold. Neutralized solid tailings are reused as by-products for different applications, namely as landfill.